Adding Deduplication and Compression Without Impact…

IT professionals expect a lot from their systems; they want volume management, thin provisioning, snapshot, clones, automated tiering, replication etc. Increasingly today, they want and as well, so they can squeeze every ounce of capacity out of their investment. While all of these capabilities can make the life of the administrator easier and reduce the cost of system ownership, they can also negatively impact .

What is Performance Impact?

Many vendors will claim that a given feature or set of features will not affect performance. Technically, that’s not accurate. All features impact performance to some extent, the key is whether they can execute efficiently enough to make that performance impact unnoticeable to the user community. If the user or application doesn’t notice a performance decline, then that feature essentially has no performance impact, at least from a real world sense. Also, if that feature can be made to run efficiently, are there side benefits that actually improve overall performance of the system?

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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