IBM’s Infrastructure Matters: Charting New Conversations…

The new study conducted by ’s (in concert with Oxford Economics) offers some fascinating food for thought concerning the evolution of business information technology (IT). The survey was completed by 750 global participants involved in their enterprise organizations’ IT infrastructure strategy and investment decisions. Nearly 2/3 of the respondents are chief technical/technology or chief information officers (CTOs/CIOs) in companies located in 18 countries and inhabiting a wide variety of industries.

In other words, while the study was clearly focused on the needs/plans of large companies (nearly 4 in 5 drive $1B or more in annual revenues), IBM was also clearly investigating issues, strategies and trends that are important or common across numerous worldwide markets and use cases. That is a critical point commercially given the company’s global focus and involvement, but it also underlines a far larger issue, which might be called ubiquitous IT.

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