Blackberry: The Killer App Is Security

Last week I was in New York to attend the conference. I think it’s the only vendor truly taking as seriously as it needs to, and the event proved that. To showcase this point, the company announced the acquisition of Secusmart, the leading vendor for call encryption.

Yes, apparently while we’ve been getting upset about three letter Federal agencies and foreign governments tapping into our data, these lovely people were also working hard to capture, analyze and report our phone conversations. At the event, Blackberry showcased how easy this is by playing a conversation between U.S. diplomats in which one said, “F*** the EU.”

As usual, folks likely thought this was an isolated instance, but if you can get one call, you can likely capture most, and the huge data centers being set up in the U.S. and abroad coupled with speech-to-text technology and unstructured data analytics could make your next call the latest Twitter sensation.

I think the problem is bigger than we realize, but first let’s talk about Blackberry’s approach to security.

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