IBM-Lenovo Deal for System x Gains CFIUS Approval

The largest challenge may be how well can adapt to becoming a major mover in enterprise data center solutions. Former System x executives and employees will be carrying most of the weight in that respect, but it will also require the folks in ’s home office to adapt. Given their past ventures, success seems eminent. In fact, in the decade since it acquired ’s PC business, Lenovo moved from a distant third position to become the world’s leading PC vendor, a point that likely underscores some of the current fear-mongering among and Lenovo’s competitors.

Whether Lenovo can achieve similar progress and success in the server business that it achieved in PCs and laptops is anyone’s guess, but it would be a mistake to undervalue the human and technological assets the company will gain from this deal with IBM. Big Blue will soon be behind System x but the future with Lenovo looks like blue skies ahead.

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