How To Meet The Expectations Of A VDI Project

can be one of the toughest projects an IT organization has to implement, due in a large part to the expectations of the groups involved. Replacing PCs with creates expectations with users that have to get their work done. Buying the high-performance infrastructure to run hundreds of creates expectations with company management that has to write the checks. And in the middle is IT, the group that must balance the needs of the other two with their own expectations, such as and .

Moving parts, complexity and risk

VDI projects have so many ‘moving parts’ that IT has to manage. There’s a as they strive to deliver a that end users will accept and a technical component as they build the infrastructure that can deliver the performance this requires. And of course, there’s a , and even a political one, as IT works to deliver the economics the VDI project promised at the outset.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Weekly Newsletter.

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