IBM IBV Study: Why Infrastructure Matters

For several years, the has conducted of both and to determine their strategic goals and priorities and the role that technology will play in organizational growth. In a 2013 CEO — for the first time — technology rose to the top of the list as the biggest business influencer. This outcome prompted the IBV to launch an additional “” study to assess the importance of IT infrastructure on overall business.

IBM’s goal was to determine how important infrastructure (defined as systems, storage and networks) is to new workloads – and what role infrastructure plays in helping to reduce IT complexity. Survey participants included 750 global IT executives with 32% being Chief Technology Officers (), 30% Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and the remainder Senior IT Management.

At a high level, the study revealed that 7 of 10 IT of respondents believe that infrastructure enables business strategy and results – and also helps drive business growth. However survey results also indicated that fewer than 10% of the organizations studied believe that their infrastructures are fully prepared to handle mobile, social, big data, analytics and cloud trends.

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