IBM’s 2014 STG Analyst Briefing: Infrastructure Matters

A recent Pund-IT article entitled “ IBV Study: Why Infrastructure Matters” discussed why infrastructure (systems, storage, networks and systems software) decisions have become so important to enterprise information technology (IT) buyers. In that article we discussed the findings of an Institute for Business Value (IBV) study that showed that enterprise IT buyers are willing to invest big money into infrastructure products – provided that those products help drive top-line growth such as enhanced revenue opportunities, enable better customer service, provide new insights – and the like. The study also indicated that these buyers know that optimization is key to maximizing their investments in infrastructure products.

Last week in Greenwich, Connecticut, IBM invited 88 IT industry analysts from around the world to an analyst briefing in order to showcase its Systems and Technology Group (STG) infrastructure products and to outline its strategies. The goal: to show that IBM is continuing to make large investments in infrastructure products, and to demonstrate that these products are well integrated, highly competitive, and leading edge in terms of features and functions.

From our perspective, IBM succeeded in proving that infrastructure matters on a number of fronts, including:

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