IDF 2014: The Four “A’s” of Industry Standard DC Computing

Last week, while most of the world was mooning over the latest revolutionary iPhone launch extravaganza in Cupertino, a different sort of revolution was taking place in San Francisco at the . Amidst a host of other new and/or improved products and initiatives, Intel introduced the newest addition to its line for servers, storage, networking and workstations—the families based on Intel’s latest/greatest “.

But there’s more to the chips than cutting edge manufacturing capabilities. According to Intel, the new processor families boost performance by up to 3x over the previous generation ES-2600 products, and also deliver world-class energy efficiency and enhanced security. To answer increasing demand for software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions, Intel has added telemetry features, including sensors and metrics for CPU, I/O and memory utilization. Those innovations will enable the delivery of SDI-based services with optimized performance, resilience and total cost of ownership.

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