HP: The Human Side of Innovation

Acquired organizations and products can certainly benefit acquiring companies, especially in terms of delivering near-immediate commercial opportunities. But at the same time, the human side of innovation – the executives, engineers, developers and business line employees who initially develop, launch and then keep fledgling technologies aloft – can provide equally valuable or even greater, long-lasting benefits. That certainly seems to be the case in ’s efforts to bolster its Cloud group, Helion Portfolio and involvement.

That doesn’t mean that such deals are necessarily, let alone automatically successful. Despite the best of intentions, new professional relationships don’t always grow and flower as planned. In spite of good will and hard work, carefully planned journeys don’t always reach their hoped for destinations.

But overall, in acquiring Eucalyptus and in hiring both Martin Mickos and Mark Interrante as SVPs of HP Cloud, the company is underscoring the importance of open source and OpenStack in cloud evolution, and placing bets on executives whose experience in those areas is likely to deliver significant benefits over the long term. It should be noted that no wager is a sure thing, but in Mickos and Interrante, the odds seem to be on HP’s side.

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