IBM Properly Stays the Storage Course

The overall market has seen a number of challenges recently in achieving desired goals, such as in the number of petabytes vendors actually sell. That has led a few prognosticators to express a “sky-is-falling” analysis (as that attracts attention) to the situation. But that approach is fundamentally wrong.

Now, in any dynamic and rapidly changing market such as storage where trends, such as software-defined solutions and technologies are transforming vendor and customer expectations, and where global IT trends, like cloud, big data, and mobile also have an im-mense impact, there are likely to be challenges. That is especially the case where both es-tablished vendors and newer players duke it out.

The key is not to panic. And that is why it is so important to ’s storage customers that the company is staying the course. This does not mean standing still, but rather progress-ing in a measured manner. ’s recent 4th quarter storage announcements do not contain any blockbusters. For that we can be grateful as blockbusters absorb all the attention and we have to expend a lot of thought, time and energy in trying to understand what impact the blockbuster will have.

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