Delivering Analytics To the Midmarket… (3of3)

A continuing challenge in business IT development is addressing the relative technological needs of different sized organizations. Why is that problematic? Because much of the success of the IT revolution has been due to technology being generally available and affordable to businesses of virtually every size.

This isn’t to say that IT vendors offer anything like one-stop shopping. Like consumers, companies pay a premium for premium products. Plus, due to their greater needs and bigger budgets, large enterprises tend to gain early access to spanking new innovations. But continuing IT evolution also means that once pricey, cutting edge technologies will eventually come in more affordable, yet still powerful packages.

The appliance model

How vendors can successfully address this point was highlighted this week at ’s in Las Vegas where the company introduced the new PureData System for N3001-001, a designed for businesses. Like other IT appliances, the new IBM solution provides customers fully functional business and processes and insights but does so in a package that is quick to deploy, simple to use and manage and easily affordable for target customers.

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