The Magic of EMC (1of3)

I spent much of last week at ’s .  EMC fascinates me because the firm is really very different than others in this space.  Long before anyone else did they shifted from a focus on self-serving customer satisfaction scores (which really don’t mean much) to which, when done properly reflect and they reflect that advocacy at every event.  Companies like Apple and USAA have the highest rank and both are held in extremely high esteem by their customers.

This year they were the first to start showcasing scores.  Having watched one of their largest competitors bleed showcase executives over the last year I think they are ahead of the game in this regard as well.  Coincidently I had one of executives on my panel at the Jon Peddie Virtualize Conference last week and he spoke about the future he hoped would come to pass. Basically describing what EMC’s unit can provide today allowing me to close my panel with the statement that “the future is here, you just have to open your eyes and see it”.    He didn’t believe me.  But it got me thinking that any company that provides a product or service that is unbelievably good can only be described as “magical”.  Let’ me explain what makes EMC magical.

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