Cloud Dependency: Ubiquitous Networking

Use of the cloud depends upon . And not just everywhere, but extremely high speed as well. This came to mind as I was sitting at the top of a mountain in a national park and heard someone ask Siri a question. Siri’s response was that the network was not in reach. This struck me as funny, then odd, then sent me down the path of . We are in the age of the , and if we do not have a network, then IoT fails rather spectacularly. So, what are the real requirements for IoT?

We have already mentioned a ubiquitous network, and that network apparently needs to be a public network with everyone and everything on it. I feel, given how people are, that that network should also be the fastest network humanity can possibly make. People and things expect to transfer quite a bit of in as short a time as possible. How many of you have upgraded your household, business, or organizational wireless to 5G Wi-Fi or 802.11ac? Granted, new wireless devices are faster, smarter, and much more secure, but the key is faster. People want access quickly. IoT transmits a huge amount of .

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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