CA Tools Up For The Application Economy

LAS VEGAS:  Approaching its 40th anniversary (nee 1976), CA Technologies appears to be heading in the right direction as it evolves from its software roots to an application-centric focus that embraces the new technologies — cloud, , social and — that are transforming IT and the business world. “The Application Economy is tearing down old notions; breaking apart yesterday’s models; reshaping the landscape,” said CEO Mike Gregoire in his CA World ’14 (4,000 IT pros in attendance) keynote.

“In every market and in every industry, customers are looking at their business in new ways: leveraging the power of software to reinvent, create advantage, and drive growth. We now live in a world where customers are no longer just loyal to the brand or product or service. Instead, they are loyal to the complete experience a brand delivers. And that experience is delivered by software. Software is the business. We are on the verge of a shift. Not a gentle evolution but a fundamental transformation of business, of society and life.”

To help drive this evolution — and turn around its sagging fortunes — the company made a number of announcements at this week’s event, including:

CA Application Lifecycle Conductor, a lifecycle management solution that automates and manages spanning mobile to mainframe environments – from the initial service desk ticket to deployment in production;

CA Mobile API Gateway delivers end-to-end mobile app security solution that gives enterprise users mobile app while controlling app access to the enterprise API;

Management Cloud – a portfolio of cloud-delivered CA applications that save time and money with simple, fast deployment, management and upgrades;

-new and expanded API management solutions that accelerate mobile and web application delivery, improve customer engagements with frictionless access, and open new revenue channels and opportunities; and,

-new DevOps solutions and enhancements that further unify IT development and operations teams to drive faster and more effective development, deployment and management of applications.

Gregoire said the new API offerings allow customers to “open your Enterprise to the Internet of Things. To meet customer demand. Innovate with confidence. Monetize with speed.”

CA built the to transform today‘s IT complexity into business opportunity, he said, to help customers take control of this environment. John Michelsen, CA’s CTO, said is like the company’s other cloud offerings, but instead about running “IT like a business.”

The announcements extend the company’s leadership, added Gregoire. “CA portfolio is driving faster, higher quality application development,

deployment and management by effectively unifying IT development and operations teams.”

Working in the office of the CTO, CA’s Andi Mann, VP of Strategic Solutions, said the new security solutions are part of a “huge and growing portfolio”. Customers are struggling, and the situation is going to get harder and harder. “This is going to be a real important part of this whole change process… .”

The tag line for this year’s event is “Business, rewritten by software.” Michelsen said he loves this phrase. For CA, it’s all about unlocking the value of the application economy, an economy where  JPMorgan Chase has more software developers than Google and more technologists than Microsoft, he said.

The 5 truths about the “Application Economy” according to CA:

  1. Every business is in the software business.
  2. DevOps should be your new best practice.
  3. Security should enable the business, not just protect it.
  4. Your infrastructure is transforming like never before.
  5. Mobile-to-mainframe is now your killer app.

DISCLAIMER: CA looked after airfare and accommodations.

Author: Steve Wexler

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