Trend Micro for Enterprise Security

Ask a professional in North America to describe and you will likely hear about antivirus software and a grouping of vendors that also includes McAfee and Symantec.  Funny, but you’d get a completely different answer if you asked the same question in Brazil, Germany, or Japan.  In these geographies, you’d hear about a billion dollar-plus -class security leader with a full portfolio of products, partnerships, and managed services.

Why the disconnect?  Trend is an Asian company that hasn’t pushed too hard into the North American market until recently (other than the consumer sector).  Furthermore, Trend isn’t known for guerilla marketing tactics, cybersecurity exposés, or expensive marketing campaigns at Black Hat and RSA.

In fact, Trend is really the antithesis of today’s boastful Sand Hill Road-funded startups.  Rather than hype, the company tends to let its resources and security offerings do its talking.  Unfortunately, too many people dismiss this “aw-shucks” image and still equate Trend with AV software alone.

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