Is BYOD Becoming BYOBS?

In the modern technical world, you don’t have to search far to find someone with a quote purporting to define the future. This month’s example came to me via the medium of Twitter, with an analyst offering the line, “by 2017, half of all employers will require employees to use their own device.”

This is the sort of thing that sends IT managers and directors into a spin, promoting a feeling that they are required to jump squarely onto the [insert buzzword] bandwagon and adopt the newest paradigm before employees start leaving in droves for an employer that has embraced the [insert buzzword] movement in its entirety. In this case, the buzzword I’m focusing on is “,” which has been on the periphery of the virtualization arena for quite some time. But how likely is it that the revolution will materialize—and will it in fact by 2017 reach a stage in which more than 50% of employers view it as mandatory?

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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