CA World 2014: The Application Economy

There are two important phrases that characterize this year’s CA World: 1) business rewritten by software; and, 2) the “.”

The “business rewritten by software” message refers to the way that applications are now being developed and deployed. Enterprises are moving from traditional packaged application deployment to more flexible, agile, Web-based application designs that feature rapid deployment and constant updates (also known as development/operations or “DevOps” designs).

CA Technologies believes that its software can help transform businesses by providing a means to deploy, monitor and secure this new generation of Internet-based applications. As CA Technologies puts it: “we now live in a world where customers are no longer just loyal to the brand or product or service. Instead, they are loyal to the complete experience a brand delivers. And that experience is delivered by software. Software is the business.” Business is thus being rewritten by software.

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