In the New Year, Can CISOs Move On?

On the December 18 Virtualization Podcast, we were joined by Rafal Los (@Wh1t3Rabbit) to discuss whether it is time for to move on. Should start to look beyond simply the problems at hand? Should they drive security into all decisions made at the business and architecture levels? The discussion was mixed, to say the least.

CISOs have the unenviable position of trying to enforce compliance and security within an ever-changing realm of IT and development. At the moment, it seems CISOs and security teams are playing Whack-a-Mole while trying to align with the business. These are usually counterproductive approaches to security. First, you are out solving problems that may actually be counter to the business as a whole. Why? Because security seems to be the last team brought in on new projects and new business directions.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in Newsletter.

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