CES 2015’s Implications for Business

Given my usual focus on business IT, I’m often asked why I bother attending the annual () in Las Vegas. It’s a reasonable question since in the main, mainly acts as a stage where consumer electronics companies place their bets and roll the dice on where they believe the CE market will go in the coming year. In that particular sense, there literally couldn’t be a better venue for than Vegas.

My interest in the conference mainly centers on the dynamic interaction between consumer and business technologies which is usually called IT consumerization, but actually has far deeper roots than many folks realize. For nearly three decades now, business IT has often been driven and stretched beyond comfort by consumer products that walked, slipped and were smuggled into the office by canny employees.

At its best, CES can provide a peek at some products and trends that will eventually find their ways into the workplace and/or impact business IT and data centers. With that in mind, let’s consider how some of the major products and trends at CES 2015 may eventually impact businesses and business IT.

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