Lenovo EBG – Charting a New Enterprise Course

Dynasties tend to be hard on kids, especially when primogeniture – the awarding of premium rights and inheritances to firstborn children – is part of the mix. This isn’t to say that such environments necessarily devolve into scenes from The Lion in Winter or outtakes from The Sopranos, but they do tend to breed feelings of entitlement and neglect, deservedly or not.

It is arguable that just such a state of affairs existed at in the years leading up to last year’s sale of its organization and assets to . The deal followed a decade of remarkable, even astounding technical and commercial gains by to the point where they dominate (with some 80%+ of annual sales) business computing environments of nearly every kind. But despite this ongoing progress, IBM typically positioned and promoted its own z System mainframe and Power System solutions ahead of Intel-based System x offerings.

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