OpenPOWER Foundation Progress Report from GTC 2015

Last October, I wrote a report on the progress of the , an organization dedicated to expanding the ecosystem that surrounds ’s and future generations of POWER . In that report I described IBM’s plan to make processor specifications, firmware and related software available to the evolving OpenPOWER community – essentially making POWER an open standard microprocessor. I also described the rapid growth taking place in the OpenPOWER ecosystem. Since its founding in late 2013 by IBM, , , and , OpenPOWER has grown to over 110 member organizations.

Last week I attended the first annual OpenPOWER Summit (in San Jose, California) which was organized as part of NVIDIA’s and learned that OpenPOWER Foundation members are delivering several new POWER8-based platforms, and supporting IBM’s CAPI and field programmable gate array (FPGA) adapters.

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