VMworld 2015 and the Road to the SDDC

The energy of representatives and the enthusiasm of the 2015 crowd made that heady optimism hard to dispute but a number of related issues were left largely unaddressed or unexplored.

First and foremost, while VMware owns a solid majority share of the x86 virtualization market, its sales are growing slower than competing solutions, particularly Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Second, though the company’s is deeply invested in hybrid cloud, its technologies play a limited role in or are entirely absent from many public cloud platforms.

Finally, VMware’s singular focus on x86-based virtualization means it is a nonentity in mainframe and other scale-up computing environments. The company may believe (as many do) that x86-based servers will eventually win the day, but market research suggests that $8B+ in scale-up servers will be sold in 2015. That’s a good piece of business, especially since the lion’s share of those systems are being purchased by the large enterprise customers VMware and its competitors covet.

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