IBM Insight 2015… and the “Insight Economy”

It’s always worth noting when a vendor changes an established, well-known brand. ’s done its share of this, and its latest transformation is on display this week at the Insight 2015 conference in Las Vegas.

If you’re not aware, until last year IBM Insight was , an annual conference that brought together the company and the customers and partners who leverage IBM’s sizable portfolio of information management solutions, services and tools. In IBM parlance, this includes traditional relational databases, data warehouse and business intelligence offerings, as well as the company’s continually growing family of analytics technologies and solutions.

So what transformed IOD into Insight? The emergence of considerable new IBM cloud and cognitive computing elements that complement its analytics offerings. The pace of that progress has accelerated considerably during the past year. In fact, earlier this month, IBM launched a Solutions organization, the industry’s first consulting practice dedicated to the transformative value of cognitive computing technologies and processes.

As a result, IBM’s Cognitive Business provided the central focus and theme of Insight 2015. Does this make sense beyond the realm of marketing and public relations? Yes, indeed, especially if you consider IBM’s moves and positions in these areas.

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