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LAS VEGAS: Those who rest easy will no longer be in business, said CEO Mike Grgoire in his opening keynote to 5,000 customers plus assorted partners and staff at CA World ’15. “Today innovation is incredibly democratic – and fast. And it radiates at an exponential pace,” he said.

According to a recent study commissioned by CA: 45% report increased customer retention rates; while 44% also recognize an increase in top line revenue growth. Companies that are furthest along in their digital transformation have two times higher revenue growth and two and a half times higher profit growth than organizations that have not yet embraced the power of software as a key business enabler.

The secret sauce for success — for better products and services — is software, said the software vendor. “Not software simply as a technology product. Instead, software as a basic organizing principle for your business. Software with the ability to become a lever to innovate and grow. Software allows scale, reduces friction, adds speed. Software creates completely new business models,” he said.

Agility is essential for the digital transformation taking place in today’s increasingly Application-centric Economy. CA is betting big on agile development, said Gregoire . “We see Agile as being central to success.”

He said CA has made great progress in its offerings, but they are not satisfied. “We are committed to raising our game. There is no finish line in customer service.”

The company made a number of product announcements today, spanning DevOps, Agile Management, Security and Mainframe. It’s all about driving business agility in the application economy, according to Ayman Sayed, Chief Product Officer, CA Technologies, in a press scrum following Gregoire’s keynote. “I think it’s nothing short of another industrial revolution.”

Although only with CA for 12 weeks, he spent the preceding 16 years with Cisco, and close to another decade with companies big and small, old and new. Sayed said companies already understand that the digital economy, every business being — or transitioning to being (or not being) — a software business is the future. “The mindshare is already there.”

However, there are “ a whole bunch of questions of how do I do it”, he added. The keys to getting started with digital transformation are agile management, and and “… CA is able to support them through every step of that journey.”

The Fiddly Bits

Announcements for its identity-centric security portfolio included:

-a new release of CA Privileged Access Manager to  help control privileged user access to dynamic VMware NSX® environments;

-updates to to help simplify identity governance for all users; and,

-a new product, , to help address compliance demands by discovering and classifying mainframe data.

A combination of software and service components from CA and Rally, which was acquired in July, the and coaching of agile practices have helped companies transform their businesses, some achieving a 50% faster time-to-market than industry peers and 25% increase in global productivity. More than 276,000 people use CA Agile Central (formerly the Rally Agile Application Lifecycle Management solution) and more than 30,000 people have received CA Agile Training. According to a recent Forrester survey, 69% of decision-makers said they have interest, plan to implement, or have already implemented agile for their custom development.

A new release of CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM) integrates with CA Agile Central.

New products in the CA DevOps portfolio include:

-CA API Management additions — helps to unlock the value of data instantly, quickly creating well-designed with seamless access to databases, and CA Mobile App Services provides software development kits and open for quick development of core mobile app and IoT backend functionality such as user management or reliable messaging, and new business analytics provide reporting on API performance;

- , now available via , streamlines application simulation and test;

-CA Virtual Network Assurance gives operations teams industry-first assurance for dynamic virtual networks and legacy infrastructure;

-CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems, the only unified infrastructure management solution to provide comprehensive visibility of services that span mobile-to-mainframe systems in a single view, enable development, test, operations and business teams to successfully scale and evolve their enterprise DevOps practice, while easing the difficult organizational and philosophical shift to DevOps.

New research commissioned by CA revealed DevOps implementers saw a 24% reduction in time-to-market for new apps and 29% reduction in cost of delivering new apps.

DISCLAIMER: CA looked after airfare and hotel.

Author: Steve Wexler

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