EMC: Going Full-Flash on Primary Storage

-based has played increasingly important roles in business computing for the better part of a decade, beginning in 2008 when became the first Tier 1 vendor to develop and deliver options (in the form of solid state drives – SSDs) in its storage portfolio. Since then, the company has become the dominant vendor in -based storage with, according to IDC’s latest analysis, nearly 40% of the overall market, or nearly 3X the share of its nearest three competitors combined.

So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that EMC doubled down on its long-time bets this week by declaring 2016 to be the “Year of All-Flash,” significantly expanding the size/scope of its flash-based solutions and committing to all-flash architectures for future primary storage offerings. This is in preparation for 2020 when the company estimates that all production applications will depend on flash-based storage, relegating traditional disk to archive and content depot use cases.

Is that a reasonable assumption and outlook? Just as importantly, how is EMC planning to get from here to there, and how will these newest announcements and solutions contribute to that journey?

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