InterConnect 2016 – The Cognitive Undermessage

There are momentous changes taking place at IBM – changes that the press, some research analysts and many customers have yet to comprehend. At IBM’s InterConnect conference in Las Vegas last week, some of these changes began to surface. They include a major shift to cognitively-enabling the IBM application portfolio, as well as three major cloud announcements.

In opening keynotes, IBM started to allude to the importance of as a key component in future IBM product designs. The company made it clear that it is now starting to “cognitively-enable” several software offerings in its portfolio.

From a cloud perspective, IBM announced that: 1) it has cloud-enabled all of its major software offerings and now offers much of its software portfolio as cloud services; 2) it has found a way to bridge the gap between VMware virtualized environments and OpenStack clouds; and, 3) it has partnered even more closely with mobile development community, strengthening its server-to-mobile infrastructure with support for SWIFT development and forming a strategic relationship with GITHUB for better hybrid cloud support.

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