Lenovo, Juniper and the Value of IT Partnerships

Strategic partnerships have a long history in the technology industry, and for good reasons:

  1. In markets where strategic advantage is rapidly evolving, partnering can allow vendors to get up to speed more quickly and cost-effectively, and with far less risk than developing their own new products.
  2. Partnering can also be advantageous when it comes to dealing with shared customers—clients who buy into individual vendors’ ecosystems are likely to be receptive to combined solutions.
  3. Finally, though rarer, partnerships can provide an opportunity for companies to get to know one another better, eventually leading to mergers or acquisitions beneficial to both organizations and their clients.

That said, strategic partnerships are anything but a panacea. In fact, the IT industry can claim an unfortunately long and storied history of failed and/or abandoned vendor relationships that left the companies’ customers and partners hanging in the wind. But when the relationships are right and vendors commit for all the right reasons, partnerships can benefit virtually everyone involved.

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