OpenStack Summit Day One – Keeping Things Really Weird

If there were any doubts that things might get a little weird at the Summit, those fears were quickly put to rest when Boris Renski, CEO of Mirantis, trotted out on stage with a vodka-guzzling Russian bear during the day one keynote. In a refreshingly un-PC presentation, Boris took pot shots at Gartner, IT system administrators and even at AWS. A fusillade of brash open-source bravado speak. And the audience loved it; myself included.

In stark contrast to Boris’ presentation, Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack foundation, focused on some feel-good themes, like how more than 2,300 developers across 345 different organizations contributed to the latest OpenStack release (Mitaka). Bryce pointed out that the vast diversity of the OpenStack community is one of its core strengths. And as I mentioned in a recent blog, the CTO of Volkswagen, Hans Muller, specifically referred to the collaborative strength of the OpenStack community as a major reason why VW chose to standardize on OpenStack for their enterprise cloud environment.

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