Psycho query: qu’est-ce que c’est?

Any Talking Heads fans reading this blog? Take any French classes in high school? No? Nevermind then.

I get asked a lot about on , and I know what you’re thinking: “this guy must have the coolest friends and the go to all best parties.” And you’re right, I do. Lenny Kravitz by a rooftop pool in Vegas. Fitz and the Tantrums. Duran Duran. The Astoria Middle School Marching Band on Loyalty Day. (10-year old daughter with a shiny new flute…)

What were we talking about? Oh right — how do you find the important and relevant information you need in a very random data lake? You use SQL on Hadoop. Way easier for the average user than trying to code up the same functionality in MapReduce, at least if you are a DBA, analyst, or BI developer already familiar with SQL. Which according to our latest study, more than half of you are. If we take the respondents (shown below) as representative of the those engaged in big data and analytics initiatives, then you’re probably going down this road now.
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