Veeam: nice guys still finish first

I just left ’s analyst summit (in Napa, which is fantastic). Normally I don’t do analyst days (as we have legitimately smart analysts who do them), but I wanted to know more about this company who successfully latched on to the movement and never let go. Plus, did I mention it was in Napa?

Suffice it to say that Veeam is one of those “once in 25 years” success stories. They use their own money, grow at an insane pace, print cash, and have become the envy of not only the “availability” world, but anyone in this generation of tech.

And they do everything “wrong”. They are truly a distributed organization — Russia; Switzerland; and Columbus, Ohio. Yes, Columbus Ohio. Their founder and CEO (until today), Ratmir, is impossible not to like. They took on what is perhaps the most entrenched sector in all of IT (data protection), and dominated against all odds. They don’t have to answer to anyone — because they use their own money. They don’t have to rush to go public, for the same reason. They can afford to do things right.

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