AMD vs. Intel…

Over the next few years we are going to see something we don’t see that often. Two companies in the same market on two very different paths. will be focused like a laser on traditional PC and Server markets but adapting to the new loads and tasks that both are being tossed in. , in contrast, will be expanding massively to drones, IoT and Automotive, each of which has massive, but as yet unrealized potential for firms in their class.  

Now typically when AMD and Intel run at each other AMD is massively disadvantaged, but with Intel’s shift in focus they won’t be chasing Intel but a small part of the company and the part that won’t have the greatest interest. The end result is that AMD has the best shot they have had since the early part of last decade to take large chunks of share, but Intel has a shot at getting in on the ground floor of server markets which could end up being larger than PCs have ever been.  

So who will win?

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