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LAS VEGAS: I got to speak to a number of people at last week’s BMC Engage 2016 Global User Conference, including a number of BMC Software execs who made a number of interesting comments that haven’t appeared in any of my stories yet. Here are a few colorful quotes in my Random Acts of Insight:


Paul Appleby Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, BMC: “The past couple of years we’ve doubled the number of new products we’re bringing to market.”

Bill Berutti, President, Performance & Analytics and Cloud Management/Data center Automation, BMC:

“The timeliness of us going private was fortunate… the digital revolution is happening in every company… disrupt or be disrupted… At the same time IT budgets are not going up. And by the way, the world is changing really, really fast.”

“We’re now getting more relevant to the business.”

Jason Andrew, GP and VP, BMC:  “We’ve added 900 new customers in the last 12 months.”

“If you want growth you want new customers and don’t lose existing customers… we’re winning marketshare… and we’re changing what the addressable market is.”

Sean Hinton, Area Director, Canada, BMC:  “It’s all about business outcomes and trying to engage with our customers that way.”

“Engagement, user experience… that’s what it’s all about.”

Big Iron (aka )

BMC Chairman and CEO Bob Beauchamp: “I think it is a competitive advantage that 25% of our business is mainframe.”

John McKenny, VP Marketing and Customer Support of ZSolutions, BMC: “We’ve added amost a hundred customers… for MLC.”

has very complex pricing… and most folks really stlruggle with what makes up that bill every month.”


Robin Purohit Group President, Enterprise Solutions Organization, BMC:  “Security is the number one thing thing that can disrupt digital transformation.”


Beauchamp: “By the way you’re all software companies. Congratulations!”

Purohit: “The developer is king as you go digital.”


Beauchamp: “Go digital or go extinct…”

“98% of digital data was created in the last two years. That will be true again next year.”

DISCLAIMER: BMC looked after airfare and hotel.


Author: Steve Wexler

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