New Offerings Represent A Major Shift For Teradata

ATLANTA: Data specialist Teradata Corporation (), which has gathered 3,000 customers and partners for its annual Partner conference, made a number of product and service announcements this week which should generate a lot of customer interest, especially if they’re using — or want to make greater use — of . According to the company the new offerings include:

Borderless Analytics, which turns clouds into a single analytic ecosystem;

RACE (Rapid Analytic Consulting Engagement), an agile, technology agnostic methodology;

Customer Journey Analytic Solution, a set of capabilities for discerning the behavioral paths of each individual customer, determining the next best interaction and delivering a consistent, personalized brand experience through every channel and touch point; and,

Teradata Everywhere, ‘that brings the world’s most powerful massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic ’ to multiple public clouds, managed cloud, and on-premises environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Managed Cloud, VMware® virtualization software, and the Teradata IntelliFlex platform.

These are significant announcements that represent a major shift for Teradata, said Oliver Ratzesberger, EVP and Chief Product Officer. “We’re focusing on business solutions more than we ever have before.”

Digitalization and cloud are big parts of Taradata’s strategy, he said, and these announcements continue to address these opportunities. “This becomes the foundation for everything we do from now on.”

Cloud will play a growing role in the company’s Fortune 1000 customer base. Most Teradata customers (90%) say they will be on hybrid cloud by 2020; 85% are looking to buy as a service; and as much as 40% of workloads will run on public cloud by 2020, said Ratzesberger.

Made possible by enhancements to the company’s QueryGrid software for analytics across heterogeneous, multi-system data stores, and Unity software for automated and seamless orchestration of a Teradata multi-system environment, the “” capability gives enterprises the ability to easily manage multi-system analytic environments and shift workloads to optimize resource utilization, while ensuring a seamless and transparent business user experience, stated the company. It also enables cross-technology analytics, giving users access to heterogeneous analytic processing engines and data stores.

“Borderless Analytics is about infrastructure agility and unlocking new use cases,” said Ratzesberger. In addition the company plans to deliver the ability to intelligently capture select data changes from one Teradata system and automatically copy them to other Teradata systems, and push-button system initialization which can copy an entire database from one system to another, creating a replica which can be used for Dual Active availability, disaster recovery, quality assurance, test, or development in the first half of 2017.

Available now, RACE leverages the company’s Business Value Frameworks, intellectual property captured from the Teradata’s experience with thousands of successful client engagements. The RACE method involves three primary phases:

-Align – Using the Business Value Framework as a starting point, company analytic business consultants assist the client in identifying and aligning around the highest potential value uses cases, and validate the availability of key data assets to support the use case;

-Create – company data scientists load and prepare the data, and develop new or existing analytic models for the selected use cases; this phase involves rapid iterations with the business sponsors to ensure the analytic insights will produce the targeted business outcomes; and,

-Evaluate – company analytic business consultants analyze the results and document the potential ROI of deploying the analytic use cases at scale, and develop a deployment plan for the client.

“Our research shows that users in 79% of organizations don’t have the skills necessary to apply advanced analytics. This lack of skills is the major reason for dissatisfaction with their projects,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research. “Teradata’s Business Value Frameworks will help provide the skills and best practices companies need to achieve successful outcomes and a solid return on their investment.”

Also currently available, the uses the company’s consulting services, as well as technologies that enable real-time customer data integration, advanced behavioral analytics and multi-channel marketing automation. The solution scales to support increasing volumes of data, more analytic models and progression in the myriad of ways a growing customer base will engage with the brand via new channels. “It gives marketers a comprehensive view of their customers, based on each person’s individual interactions, so that they can provide the right help at the right time,” said Teradata’s Dan Harrington, EVP, Consulting and Support Services.

Scheduled to be available in Q3, 2016, offers customers choice and ensures database compatibility across deployment modes, states the company. “It’s all about customer choice without sacrifice. Companies need their data and analytic environment to be agile, multi-faceted, and flexible,” said Ratzesberger in a prepared statement.

“Teradata Everywhere means that the exact same Teradata Database can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. Regardless of the combination, Teradata is leading the industry in delivering this capability. Companies can concentrate their energy on running analytics to improve their business rather than engineering compatibility between their environments.”

Teradata Database, already available on AWS Marketplace, is now available in a massively parallel processing configuration, scalable up to 32 nodes. Coming soon to Azure Marketplace, the database will offer full features and a massively parallel processing configuration, scalable to up to 32 nodes. Also scheduled for Q3 availability, the Teradata Virtual Machine Edition (TVME) will deliver the database in a preconfigured, ready-to-run virtual machine image for any company’s VMware environment, while the enhanced IntelliFlex version is slated for Q4.

DISCLAIMER: Teradata looked after airfare and hotel.

Author: Steve Wexler

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