Oracle ZS5 Is Foundational for Oracle’s Data Cloud Future

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, we live in interesting times, not just for IT itself, but for the IT vendor ecosystem too. There’s divestitures, (re)spin-outs, and corporate combinations going on all over the place—think of HPE, Veritas and Dell/EMC respectively as some recent notable examples. Then there’s the -focused crowd, and the on-prem-focused crowd…indeed, this can often be different product offerings from the same vendor. And then we have , not for the first time, marching to its own tune. And it could well be mellifluous for many.

So, to start at the beginning: Just yesterday Oracle launched the 5th generation of its ZFS Appliance, logically-if-unexcitingly called ZS5! As products go, it’s certainly impressive…up to 307 TB of flash cache (there’s also a version with up to 1.5 TB of DRAM) to support up to 9 PB of capacity, which means some real “oomph” on performance, including for the often-overlooked restore capabilities. And of course it comes with all the strength—whether that means resilience or completeness of advanced functions—that one might (un)reasonably expect.

But I’m convinced the product itself is not the real story here: The “tune” that Oracle is composing is a whole orchestral symphony, not a concerto or a piece for, say, just a string quartet or solo instrument. What do I mean by this analogy, and why is this seemingly-good-but-straightforward storage product from Oracle part of a greater IT whole?

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