IBM Keeps a Sharp Storage Edge

Edge is the company’s annual systems conference with a focus on servers (namely z Systems and POWER) and solutions. As you well know, such a conference is an immersive experience with the overwhelming amount of information that is presented within a few days. As an industry analyst with a strong focus on , I welcome the deluge, although sorting out what it all means can take some time. Still, here are some summary thoughts that I hope you will find of value. Obviously, conferences like Edge stress new product announcements, but they also highlight the host company’s vision. Although some think that is unnecessary or impractical (note the George W. Bush “vision thing”), a company vision is both necessary and practical, as it commits the time of its people and its money for continued product development. A sense of balance is necessary between being the leading edge (where things are advanced and innovative, but are likely to be adopted over time) and the bleeding edge (which is often too far ahead of its time and likely to be too high risk for many vendors). As its 100 plus years have shown, has basically been successful at the leading edge and suggests this state of affairs continues.

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