OpenCAPI Consortium… Fuel System Innovation

As my colleagues Rob Enderle and Roger Kay discuss in this , the new announced last week aims to develop new that will improve by as much as 10X over currently available systems.

That’s impressive in eye-opening ways but even more so is OpenCAPI’s roster of founding members – , Dell EMC, , , , , Micron, and – many of which are forcefully direct competitors. The fact that these companies have agreed to lay down their swords, at least for a while, and contribute their plowshare energies and imaginations to the Consortium makes OpenCAPI one of the more unusual collaborations to come down the pike in some time.

Rob and Roger did a great job covering the technological elements of OpenCAPI and its potential marketplace impacts, especially on Intel, which was noticeably absent from the Consortium (as was Oracle). So I’d like to look a bit further afield and consider how/where OpenCAPI fits into the larger scheme of IT industry progress, and whether it and other open standards and open development efforts offer viable alternatives to traditional methodologies.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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