Dell Extends the Value/Use Cases for Thin Clients

Like many traditional IT products, PCs are in transition along with the customers they serve. Doomsayers who, beginning with the Apple iPad’s introduction in 2010, were quick to proclaim the “death of the PC” have been largely wrong. But at the same time, evolving markets and slowing sales have resulted in significant challenges for PC ecosystem and channel participants.

What are PC vendors doing to address this? For many, a little bit of everything, including aiming at high value/high margin segments such as gaming and virtual reality systems, stretching the value of lower end systems by leveraging supply chain economics and manufacturer relationships, and making the most of complementary technologies, like new CPUs and GPUs, ultra-high def-displays, capacious memory and SSDs and high performance USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity options.

Many of those technological innovations are also percolating into alternative PC form factors and the solutions, including thin and zero clients. This week’s introduction by of its newest Wyse offering provides an interesting perspective on how this trend is progressing in those markets.

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