Dell EMC & VMware… Multiple Manifestations of SDS

Recently my colleagues and I were embroiled in an intricate discussion with some of the Dell EMC/ team about the status, applicability, and positioning of the various manifestations that behemoth now offers. And suddenly I had one of those “the penny dropped” moments…not of the “epiphany/eureka” type, but more of the “yeah, I knew that but all-too-often overlook it” type. And one more thing before I say what it was: it’s also somewhat ironic when you consider the tangled semantic machinations we have all gone through as an industry to actually define that we have – dropping penny time – overlooked the fact that it is an approach (or concept), and not a specific thing (or singular manifestation).

Like many such moments, its outcome is really rather obvious and simple….having storage functionality as software not only allows, but one might say demands, different implementations and deployments in order to address different needs – be they of situation, scale, workloads, attitudes, or indeed as any or all of these change over time. While that’s great for IT users (as, with SDS choices, they are more likely by definition to be able to tune a tool to what they need), it can be something of a challenge for IT vendors, since they now have to provide inter-product positioning and applicability advice. Although, frankly, it turns out this is not a challenge for many vendors or to much extent……for the simple reason that very few vendors actually offer a choice when it comes to SDS!

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