Cloudistics Launches Ignite 3.0 On-Prem Cloud Platform

IT industry trends seldom follow a straight line. Instead, they can be and are blown hither and yon by many factors, including the strength of the underlying technologies, vendors’ investment and commitment and market enthusiasm. But perhaps most important of all are the dynamic feelings and changing needs of IT customers. That’s why the form and functions of solutions often change radically after they initially appear.

Cloud computing provides an excellent example of how this has worked. While the term came into common use over a decade ago, after Amazon introduced its publicly-available Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006, cloud-based services and solutions have gone through numerous permutations since then.

However, organizations that wanted to gain the benefits of cloud in their own private data centers were in a quandary, since implementing systems from the ground up required substantial resources and technical expertise. IT vendors, including , Dell EMC and responded first with converged systems and then appliances designed to simplify on-premises cloud deployments, and their solutions gained significant market traction.

But is there another, better way for supporting on-prem cloud? , which launched last year, would argue there is—an approach the company calls delivered via its Ignite cloud software platform and Model-S hardware components. The launch this week of ’ new software offers a chance to take a closer look at the company and its offerings.

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