The New McAfee

I’ve worked with for a long time – from its independent days, during the Network Associates timeframe, through financial issues, back to and the go-go Dave DeWalt era, and finally as Intel Security.

To be honest, Intel’s acquisition of McAfee was always a head scratcher for me. The 20-somethings on Wall Street crowed about Intel cramming McAfee security in its chip set but this made no sense to me – Intel had long added security (and other) functionality into its processors with lukewarm market reception. The two cultures were a mismatch as well. Ultimately it seems that Intel came to a similar conclusion and recently spun out McAfee in a private equity stew.

So, what are the prospects for McAfee this time around? Like comedy, timing is everything when it comes to financial markets, customer demand, and market opportunity. The new McAfee starts its comeback in a robust $100 billion+ market where customers want help, vision, and leadership from their vendors. McAfee has a few real strengths it can deliver to this hungry market including:

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