DEW17: It’s Mainly About DT… and IoT

LAS VEGAS:  In a preview of a plethora of pithy product pronouncements, Part 1 (PPPPPP1 or P61) I’ve taken the first set of Dell EMC’s announcements based on leading-edge hype, and . The more mundane offerings like storage, appliances and cloud, have been relegated to Part 2, while a seemingly revolutionary new payment plan will get its own focus in Part 3. Only time — and the market — will tell if I got these right.

However DT is the focus of both Dell EMC, and Dell EMC World 2017, so that’s where I’ll start. First, while there were DT-flavored announcements, i.e. Dell EMC Drives IT Transformation With the New 14th Generation of PowerEdge Servers and Dell EMC Powers IT Transformation with New Open Networking Products, there were no specific DT products and services announcements. That might be because digital transformation is more of a business phenomenon than a product or service that you can buy. It’s more about the people and processes; products and services are only a means to an end.

The only DT-branded announcement, and IMHO that’s a stretch, is the upcoming 14th generation of the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio that help customers drive IT Transformations. The company says it delivers innovation in three areas: a scalable business architecture; ‘intelligent automation’ via expanded APIs and the new OpenManage Enterprise console; and integrated security. Availability is scheduled for mid-year, i.e. real soon.

If DT was more a premise or promise than a product, there were a number of IoT announcements, including those from Dell’s subsidiary and . The company bills itself as an ‘IoT heavyweight’, the industry’s ‘broadest IoT infrastructure solutions provider’, and has a ‘complete edge-to-core-to-cloud portfolio of infrastructure for IoT solutions.’

The VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade (IoT infrastructure management solution that will enable IT and operational technology (OT) teams to control their IoT infrastructure and things. Due out later this year as both a standalone solution by VMware and partners as well as a bundled offering via partners such as Dell EMC and others, it will provide IT and OT teams visibility and control across their IoT use cases, while offering peace of mind with security capabilities throughout the IoT value chain, stated Mimi Spier, vice president, IoT, VMware.

The Atos partnership revolves around an IoT service management framework (Atos Codex IoT Services), that will enable customers to be in control and assure that all users ‘can continuously create value from their connected devices.’ Although very much a work in progress, the framework is available now, combining Dell EMC hardware and software with the Atos Codex, a complete set of solutions and capabilities to design, build, run and secure smart data business services, data platforms and Internet of Things.

In addition to the Atos partnership, it announced:

-Dell and have jointly developed an Industry 4.0 jump start kit — consisting of multiple XDK sensors, a Dell Edge Gateway, ready-to-go use-cases, cloud integration and software, all preconfigured — to help customers implement IoT projects quickly to realize faster ROI; and,

- will bundle their enterprise-level communications software with Dell Edge Gateways and Embedded Box PCs.

also publicly unveiled the group responsible for finding and funding innovative new companies and technologies. Operating in stealth mode for the last couple of years, Dell Technologies Capital has been an active investor in more than 70 early-stage startups, and invests approximately $100 million annually. “We provide the resources, scale and expertise to help them continue innovating and maximize their potential,” said Michael Dell in a prepared statement.

DISCLAIMER: Dell EMC looked after airfare and hotel; and some of the companies mentioned in this article are in my investment portfolio.

Author: Steve Wexler

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