IBM LinuxONE: A Strategy Refinement

has argued for years that needs to do a better job of explaining which workloads belong on which servers (x86, Power Systems, mainframes). Our primary argument has been that microprocessors process workloads differently; and systems are designed differently – meaning that workloads perform better when placed on systems that are best suited to process them. has traditionally resisted providing such guidance, leaving sales teams and customers/prospects to work out which workloads belong on which processors/servers.

Last year, we took it upon ourselves to publish this report in which we discussed which workloads belong on vs. x86 servers. Robert Francis Group also published a similar report. IBM, on the other hand, continued to focus its sales efforts on server consolidation and the price advantages had over distributed x86 server environments (upwards of 30% cost savings for certain workloads).

This year, IBM seems to have gotten the message: to further increase sales of LinuxONE its going to have to do some workload positioning work.

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NOTE: This column was originally published in the Pund-IT Review.

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