Hitachi Vantara: ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!’

LAS VEGAS: Regardless of whether this is just a repackaging of existing assets, or something that shakes up the and IT industries, Hitachi Vantara did make a number of announcements to grease its way onto the IoT center stage. In addition to IoT, its news covered most of IT’s — and business’ — hot buttons, including , containers, and converged infrastructure.

The first two product launches featured Lumada, its IoT platform, and included a number of enhancements, as well as an appliance. Initially unveiled back in May 2016 by Vantara’s predecessor, Hitachi Insight Group, Lumada is a ‘comprehensive, enterprise-grade IoT core platform with an open and adaptable architecture that simplifies IoT solution creation and customization. ‘ Lumada 2.0 is now available in a standalone version and has been updated with a portable architecture so that it can run both on-premises or in the cloud, and to support industrial IoT deployments both at the edge and in the core.

Due out later this year, the Hitachi IoT Appliance, powered by Lumada, is a pre-validated plug-and-play solution that enables users to rapidly connect, monitor and extract actionable insights from their business and industrial assets. The company says it can be deployed and production-ready in under an hour.

Vantara was also active in the cloud segment, announcing a partnership with VMware and Mesosphere to ‘expand the use cases for private and hybrid cloud with pre-engineered service catalogs and rate card pricing.’ Available through an early customer adoption program, the Hitachi Enterprise Cloud with VMware vRealize 7.3 automates the creation, deployment and management of container hosts and cloud-native applications as a service, across a multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure, while ’s new Container Platform provides hybrid cloud resources for that utilize with a turnkey, end-to-end container as a service environment.

Available now, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) CI [Converged Infrastructure] is a new family of converged infrastructure systems that feature the company’s with Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Combined with the UCP Advisor 2.0 software, due out later this year, they deliver what Hitachi calls ‘a modern, integrated data-centric framework’ that can ‘deploy enterprise applications faster, with improved performance, higher uptime, simplified troubleshooting and enhanced security features’, in addition to providing ‘lower operational costs, reduced complexity and risk, and better utilization of data’.

On Day 2 of the company announced a partnership with BT, the large telecom services provider formerly known as British Telecom. Under the terms of the deal, the partners will collaborate on new solutions for industrial and enterprise IoT, with the initial focus on ‘ exploring and designing asset intelligence and predictive maintenance solutions’ for customers in industry sectors such as manufacturing and transportation. The first fruits of that collaboration are scheduled to be available in Q1 2018.

Finally, Vantara announced a new offering and associated services to reinvent the datacenter. Smart Data Center is being positioned as the ‘ultimate approach to optimize all aspects of IT operations across data centers, reduce cost, manage risk and increase agility to respond to business change.

“Our technologies and services provide powerful new tools and approaches so the next-generation data center administrator can manage more, manage better and improve IT’s ability to become an agile and responsive resource for the business,” said Bobby Soni, chief solutions and services officer, , in a prepared statement. “Our customers will see exponential gains in efficiency and effectiveness.”


DISCLAIMER: Hitachi looked after airfare and accomodations.


Author: Steve Wexler

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