Dell’s IQT and the Continuum of Technology

It’s no surprise that IT vendors are excited about the Internet of Things (). After all, if the commercial demand for becomes even half of what some analyst firms suggest, it will equal or eclipse past major technology market opportunities.

But more important than that, though some in the industry are attempting to position IoT as an entirely new technology, it simply represents a next, logical, practical step in the evolution of digital business. Rather than being essentially unique, IoT mainly takes numerous existing IT assets, seamlessly adds in newer components and developments, tweaks them with hard-earned industry expertise, and applies it all to longstanding business challenges.

However, that does represent a fundamental shift in organizations’ IT efforts to add digital intelligence to processes that traditionally depend on analog tools, with the aim of gaining advantage from data and analytics insights. That need for incorporating digital intelligence in new areas inspired Technologies to label their related efforts as “IQT” with the representing new digital smarts. Last week, company executives hosted an event in New York City to publicly announce the company’s IQT/IoT strategy, solutions and plans.

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