IBM’s Q3… Measuring the Progress of Self-Reinvention

Tech vendors reinvent themselves so often that it qualifies as a spectator sport in Silicon Valley. Strategic repositioning is necessary due to continually evolving technologies, from constantly shrinking semiconductors to massive cloud-scale data centers to increasingly complex data sets to ever-more sophisticated software. Vendors that fail to parse the import of these issues or respond incorrectly can quickly find their businesses descending toward irrelevance.

But other issues also demand vendors’ attention. Evolving technologies often spark new behaviors among consumers and businesses, rippling the competitive landscape like a tectonic wave. That can panic a vendor’s customers and partners, leading to other problems. And in a world driven by information, some can sometimes be driven mad, including shareholders who nervously sniff the data-laden wind in a panic over where a missed rumor or muffed signal might lead.

How companies approach these issues varies widely. However, ’s recent Q3 2017 earnings results show how a vendor can effectively face these and other challenges while fundamentally reinventing itself.

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