Lenovo DCG – Continuing to TRANSFORM…

Back in June, I attended a media and analyst event in New York City hosted by Lenovo’s Data Center Group (DCG) and entitled, TRANSFORM. The point of the was to highlight the strategic expansion and repositioning of DCG’s enterprise portfolio to address and support what CEO Yuanqing Yang called an “intelligence (industrial) revolution that is already here.”

The primary drivers for this revolution are the massive growth of information, along with advances in big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). The value of that information rests in the insights it provides about business processes, customers, suppliers, partners and competitors.

Some might say that Lenovo’s strategy offers little in the way of new or original thinking. After all, most or all other system vendors and server makers support initiatives that are similar to Lenovo’s. But the bigger questions are in how the company’s new DCG portfolio approaches those issues, how it is continuing to evolve and how well its strategy is resonating with customers.

Let’s consider those points further.

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