Understanding The Hype Around Hyperconverged Infrastructure

There is a lot of hype around hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). All the big vendors and a number of lesser-known smaller ones are in the game. Dell EMC has doubled down on its HCI portfolio investments; NetApp is entering the market leveraging its technology; HPE is investing in growing its line; Cisco acquired Springpath so it could offer its own line, but it also partners with Nutanix, HPE and just about everyone else! Speaking of Nutanix, it was a category pioneer (along with ) and its Dell EMC branded business is still growing, even though Dell EMC has somewhat competing products with and (the 3 HCI products serve different use cases – a topic for another blog!). Nutanix is also doing a healthy business through and its channel partners and it has an agreement with to offer its HCI on systems. Lesser-known (but fast growing) Pivot3 just announced 50% growth in bookings! has a product it is also leveraging for , and sells for HCI use cases. I’m still just scratching the surface- I know I’ve left some vendors out – it’s a long list!

What’s behind all this vendor investment and noise? Lots of user interest. Edwin Yuen and I recently sat down and dug into our new HCI research. In this video, we define what HCI is, discuss why IT organizations are so interested, and look at how HCI will impact more traditional approaches to IT infrastructure. Please watch and I would love to hear your feedback!

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