Enterprises Must Address Internet of Identities Challenges

As November ends, everyone and their brother/sister will be writing about their IT and security predictions for 2018. Here’s a no-brainer from me: We’ll see massive proliferation of devices on the network next year. Some of these will be general purpose like IP cameras, smart thermostats, smart electric meters, etc., but many others will be industry-specific , , and .

Managing the deployment, operations, and security of all these devices will be quite challenging. Someone must figure out , , , baseline behavior, network performance implications, etc.

This is where comes into play. Each device should have its own and attributes that govern connectivity, , and trust. My sagacious colleague, Mark Bowker, calls this trend the . With Mark’s help, I introduced the concept of IoI in this blog, and further elaborated on the massive changes the Internet of Identities will bring in this one.

So, IoI is coming fast, but research indicates that many organizations are not prepared for the onslaught because:

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