Robotics: Is NVIDIA…That Truly Thinks Strategically?

Around a decade ago virtually all the tech companies, seeing Apple’s success with the iPhone and Google’s response with Android, were convinced the future was in mobile phones and almost everyone was wrong. , however, pivoted early shifting massive resources to and ended up becoming one of the few firms that wasn’t badly damaged by a failed mobile strategy. They have since been followed into this area by others, but Autonomous are just the tip of the iceberg, this same technology can be used in autonomous and robots. While other firms also have drone efforts, NVIDIA was the first to see the connection between the and and bridge the efforts so that both benefitted from what the other did. However, with , it seemed that tech firms in general didn’t even think that this was a category they were remotely interested in even though it is likely at some point each of us eventually get one. Once again NVIDIA stood up this week with partner to create the software needed for these robots which are also connected to their autonomous car and aircraft efforts and all should benefit from this inclusive strategy.

But it strikes me that NVIDIA is the only US tech firm that seems to be aggressively looking at where the tech market is going next and getting ahead of the curve as opposed to what others seem to be doing and following a peer’s lead into a new market.

Let’s talk about that this week.

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