AMD Amps Up With Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

is executing amazingly well now in sharp contrast to the way they were a decade ago (and given Intel has had to discontinue their mobile, wearable, and maker efforts they seem to be out executing Intel as well now). One of the areas the firm has significantly enhanced is software and this is showcased by the release of the Adrenalin Edition of their . Increasingly only part of the gaming experience is assured by hardware, to get the most out of that hardware the control software that surrounds it must step in and do its part.

I guess the analogy would be in a current race car where the telematics and software are increasingly providing the edge because the physical parts of the car are so tightly regulated and approaching theoretical performance limits. No regulations here, but we are getting amazing amounts of potential performance out of the current generation of graphics cards and making sure you get every ounce is the purpose of this free bundled offering from AMD.

Let’s talk about some of the enhancements.

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